About US

Here are some of my interest which says a little something about US.



j&pattrackicon.jpg (2516 bytes) My first and must prized interest is in my Family. I hate to use clichés but Patty makes my life more complete. Since our chance meeting in 1988 my life has been filled with calm, confidence, bliss, and happiness that only comes from knowing the one you are with is truly the ONE. Our subsequent marriage in a hot air balloon in 1989 and our new additions in 1997 Devin devinmugicon.jpg (1865 bytes) & 1999 Leah leahmugicon.jpg (1615 bytes) are the things that must people wait there whole life for! Somebody pinch me.


The 216EIS 216icon.gif (2090 bytes) California Air National Guard sm_fyf.gif (2952 bytes) has been a large part of my life for the past 22 years, Retired November 7th 2004. No part time job I am aware of takes you to places like Hawaii, Korea, London, Germany, and Diego Garcia. Great Air


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