Picture Gallery 

I hope you enjoy these pictures half as much as we had living them


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One Very Proud Papa!

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Leah Hamming it up at 11 months young!

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Devin & Cousin Maren one week apart in age.

18_15ath.jpg (14077 bytes)

We obviously don't feed Leah enough.

11_08th.jpg (16265 bytes)

Devin! "Whaaat I'm not touching sister".

Img18th.jpg (13742 bytes)

Leah 2 months & Mom.

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Leah & Daddy at months old. That is Leah's age of course and Daddy's Mentality.

33_30th.jpg (13821 bytes)

Now that's a fresh turkey. Devin at 2 years young.

ssept98_3th.jpg (16241 bytes)

Devin at age 11 months. He has grown into his head.


DND8_2000sm.jpg (24483 bytes)

Devin & Cousin Dustin Jamming!

Leahbandsm.jpg (12081 bytes)

Leah Hamming it up at 11 months young!

DNLjamsm.jpg (16003 bytes)

Devin & Leah August 2000 jamming together.

Grandpasm.jpg (15019 bytes)

Grandpa paid us a visit Christmas 2000.

familysm.jpg (13575 bytes)

Rare Family Dec 2000.

Devinsm.jpg (17337 bytes)

Devin Feb 2001 great smile!

mamaNleahsm.jpg (21691 bytes)

Leah & Mommy on Leah's 2nd Birthday.

sandboxsm.jpg (19606 bytes)

All at play in the sand box.

leahpartys.jpg (21834 bytes)

Leah's B-day party at Castro Valley Community Center; Austin, Jacob, Christopher, Devin & Leah.



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